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      Detuning detection in induction motors 

      Rodríguez-Cortés, H.; Hadjicostis, Christoforos N.; Stankovic, A. M. (2004)
      In this article we present a model-based scheme to detect detuned indirect field oriented controllers in current fed induction motors. The detection scheme is based on differential geometric techniques. Numerical simulations ...
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      The method of fundamental solutions for solving direct and inverse Signorini problems 

      Karageorghis, Andreas; Lesnic, D.; Marin, L. (2015)
      Signorini problems model phenomena in which a known or unknown portion of the boundary is subjected to alternating Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions. In this paper, we apply the method of fundamental solutions (MFS) ...
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      The nanostructure, wear and corrosion performance of arc-evaporated CrBxNy nanocomposite coatings 

      Polychronopoulou, K.; Baker, M. A.; Rebholz, Claus; Neidhardt, J.; O'Sullivan, M.; Reiter, A. E.; Kanakis, K.; Leyland, A.; Matthews, A.; Mitterer, C. (2009)
      The composition, nanostructure, tribological and corrosion behaviour of reactive arc evaporated CrBxNy coatings have been studied and compared to CrN. The CrBxNy coatings were deposited on a commercial Oerlikon Balzers RCS ...
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      On the analogy between streamlined magnetic and solid obstacles 

      Votyakov, E. V.; Kassinos, Stavros C. (2009)
      Analogies are elaborated in the qualitative description of two systems: the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flow moving through a region where an external local magnetic field (magnetic obstacle) is applied and the ordinary ...
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      What to adapt in a high-performance microprocessor 

      Trancoso, Pedro (2004)
      High-performance processors usually require large amounts of power for their operation. Adapting resources in such processors is very relevant as each application and distinct use of the system has a different demand. A ...