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      Highly anisotropic crystal growth and thermoelectric properties of K 2Bi 8-xSb xSe 13 solid solutions: Band gap anomaly at low x 

      Kyratsi, Theodora; Dyck, J. S.; Chen, W.; Chung, D. Y.; Uher, C.; Paraskevopoulos, K. M.; Kanatzidis, M. G. (2002)
      The thermoelectric properties of solid solutions of the type β-K 2Bi 8-xSb xSe 13 (0<x<8) were studied with respect to thermal behavior, band gap variation, and charge transport properties as a function of x. At x values ...
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      Syntheses, crystal Structures and electronic Structures of new metal chalcoiodides Bi2CuSe3I and Bi6Cu3S10I 

      Liang, I.-C.; Bilc, D. I.; Manoli, M.; Chang, W.-Y.; Lin, W.-F.; Kyratsi, Theodora; Hsu, K. F. (2016)
      Two new metal chalcoiodides were synthesized by solid-state reactions at 400 °C. Crystal Data: Bi2CuSe3I, 1, monoclinic, C2/m, a=14.243(2) Å, b=4.1937(7) Å, c=14.647(2) Å, β=116.095(2)°, V=785.7(2) Å3, and Z=4
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      Thermoelectric properties of K 2Bi 8Se 13-xS x solid solutions 

      Kyratsi, Theodora; Lal, S.; Hogan, T.; Kanatzidis, M. G. (Affiliation: Department of Chemistry, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824, United StatesAffiliation: Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, CyprusAffiliation: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824, United StatesCorrespondence Address: Kyratsi, T.Department of Chemistry, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824, United States, 2006)
      Derivatives of β-K 2Bi 8Se 13 are an interesting series of materials for thermoelectric investigations due to their very low thermal conductivity and highly anisotropic electrical properties. Up to now substitutions on the ...
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      Thermoelectric properties of Mg2Si coatings deposited by pack cementation assisted process on heavily doped Si substrates 

      Stathokostopoulos, D.; Stefanaki, E. C.; Ioannou, M.; Polymeris, G. S.; Chaliampalias, D.; Pavlidou, E.; Kyratsi, Theodora; Paraskevopoulos, K. M.; Vourlias, G.; Hatzikraniotis, E. (2014)
      This work presents a study of structural and thermoelectric properties of Mg2Si coatings deposited on heavily doped p- and n-type Si substrates, at 650 C. The as-grown layers were smooth and uniform in thickness without ...
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      Uranium levels in Cypriot groundwater samples determined by ICP-MS and α-spectroscopy 

      Charalambous, Chrystalla; Aletrari, Maria; Piera, Panagiota; Nicolaidou-Kanari, Popi; Efstathiou, Maria; Pashalidis, Ioannis (2013)
      The uranium concentration and the isotopic ratio 238U/234U have been determined in Cypriot groundwater samples by ICP-MS after ultrafiltration and acidification of the samples and α-spectroscopy after pre-concentration and ...