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      Analysis of depolarization ratios of ClNO2 dissolved in methanol 

      Trimithioti, Marilena; Akimov, A. V.; Prezhdo, O. V.; Hayes, Sophia C. (2014)
      A detailed analysis of the resonance Raman depolarization ratio dispersion curve for the N-O symmetric stretch of nitryl chloride in methanol at excitation wavelengths spanning the D absorption band is presented. The ...
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      Analysis of the excited-state absorption spectral bandshape of oligofluorenes 

      Hayes, Sophia C.; Silva, C. (2010)
      We present ultrafast transient absorption spectra of two oligofluorene derivatives in dilute solution. These spectra display a photoinduced absorption band with clear vibronic structure, which we analyze rigorously using ...
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      Resonance Raman intensity analysis of ClNO2 dissolved in methanol 

      Trimithioti, Marilena; Hayes, Sophia C. (2013)
      Halogens such as chlorine are converted from halides, including ClNO 2, to reactive radicals by UV solar radiation. These radicals can affect ozone production and destruction in the stratosphere. Recently, it became clear ...