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      Constraint propagation in propositional planning 

      Sideris, A.; Dimopoulos, Yannis (2010)
      Planning as Satisfiability is a most successful approach to optimal propositional planning. It draws its strength from the efficiency of state-of-the-art propositional satisfiability solvers, combined with the utilization ...
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      Plasp 3: Towards effective ASP planning 

      Dimopoulos, Yannis; Gebser, M.; Lühne, P.; Romero, J.; Schaub, T. (2017)
      We describe the new version of the PDDL-to-ASP translator plasp. First, it widens the range of accepted PDDL features. Second, it contains novel planning encodings, some inspired by SAT planning and others exploiting ASP ...
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      Reasoning about actions and change in answer set programming 

      Dimopoulos, Yannis; Kakas, Antonis C.; Michael, Loizos (Springer Verlag, 2004)
      This paper studies computational issues related to the problem of reasoning about actions and change (RAC) by exploiting its link with the Answer Set Programming paradigm. It investigates how increasing the expressiveness ...
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      A unified argumentation-based framework for knowledge qualification 

      Michael, Loizos; Kakas, Antonis C. (2011)
      Among the issues faced by an intelligent agent, central is that of reconciling the, often contradictory, pieces of knowledge - be those given, learned, or sensed - at its disposal. This problem, known as knowledge ...