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      Energy conservation through social competitions in blocks of flats 

      Kamilaris, Andreas; Kitromilides, G.; Pitsillides, Andreas (2012)
      Buildings are responsible for a large fraction of the world's total electrical consumption. Energy awareness of residents, by means of timely electrical consumption feedback through smart metering, aims to reduce the waste ...
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      Integrated, feed-forward hybrid electric vehicle simulation in SIMULINK and its use for power management studies 

      Lin, C.-C.; Filipi, Z.; Wang, Y.; Louca, Loucas S.; Peng, H.; Assanis, D.; Stein, J. (2001)
      A hybrid electric vehicle simulation tool (HE-VESIM) has been developed at the Automotive Research Center of the University of Michigan to study the fuel economy potential of hybrid military/civilian trucks. In this paper, ...
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      Lost in the national labyrinths of bureaucracy: The case of renewable energy governance in Cyprus 

      Fokaides, P. A.; Poullikkas, A.; Christofides, Constantinos (2013)
      In July 2011, Cyprus experienced an abrupt disruption of power supply as a result of an explosion that happened near the biggest conventional power station of the island, which destroyed about 60 % of the its power generating ...
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      Optimised Control of 10 MW Photovoltaic (PV) Plant with 1MW / 1MWh Battery 

      Norgaard, P.; Bindner, Henrik W.; Thavlov, Anders; Florides, Michalis; Venizelou, Venizelos; Patsalides, M.; Anastassiou, Charalambos; Makrides, George; Efthymiou, V.; Georghiou, George E. (2016)
      With the existing energy systems and electricity grids worldwide being developed as smart systems and grids with increased renewable energy in general, there are critical needs in smart grid knowledge, development, testing, ...
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      Scalable and dynamic global power management for multicore chips 

      Otoom, M.; Trancoso, Pedro; Almasaeid, H.; Alzubaidi, M. (Association for Computing Machinery, 2015)
      The design for continuous computer performance is increasingly becoming limited by the exponential increase in the power consumption. In order to improve the energy efficiency of multicore chips, we propose a novel global ...