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      An AM-FM model for motion estimation in atherosclerotic plaque videos 

      Murray, V.; Murillo, S. E.; Pattichis, Marios S.; Loizou, Christos P.; Pattichis, Constantinos S.; Kyriacou, Efthyvoulos C.; Nicolaïdes, Andrew N. (2007)
      We present new multidimensional Amplitude-Modulation Frequency-Modulation (AM-FM) methods for motion estimation. For a single AM-FM component we show that the optical flow constraint leads to separate equations for amplitude ...
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      Compression molding using a generalized eulerian–lagrangian formulation with automatic remeshing 

      Ahmed, A.; Alexandrou, Andreas N. (1992)
      A generalized Eulerian‐Lagrangian approach is used to study the compression molding of viscoelastic polymers. The complete, unsteady, two‐dimensional equations of motion are used in the analysis. The White–Metzner model ...
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      FuelOptimal Trajectories for Aeroassisted Coplanar Orbital Transfer Problem 

      Naidu, D. S.; Hibey, J. L.; Charalambous, Charalambos D. (1990)
      The optimal control problem arising in coplanar, orbital transfer employing aeroassist technology is addressed. The maneuver involves the transfer from high Earth orbit to low Earth orbit via the atmosphere with the object ...
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      Large eddy simulation of sediment transport for the pulsating flow past a cylinder over a horizontal bed 

      Fonias, E. N.; Grigoriadis, D. G. E. (International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers, 2015)
      In the present work, the suspended, pulsating incompressible flow past a submerged cylinder was examined by means of Large Eddy Simulations (LES). A layer of sandy inertial particles was allowed to move between the cylinder ...
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      Robust adaptive sliding control of linearizable systems 

      Xu, H.; Mirmirani, M.; Ioannou, Petros A.; Boussalis, Helen R. (2001)
      A switching adaptive control algorithm based on a sliding mode method is proposed for a class of single-input, single-output nonlinear systems with unknown dynamics. The plant is assumed to be linear-in-the-control input ...
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      Systematic assessment of rigid internal combustion engine dynamic coupling 

      Rideout, D. G.; Stein, J. L.; Louca, Loucas S. (2008)
      Accurate estimation of engine vibrations is essential in the design of new engines, engine mounts, and the vehicle frames to which they are attached. Mount force prediction has traditionally been simplified by assuming ...
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      The Toda lattice is super-integrable 

      Agrotis, Maria A.; Damianou, Pantelis A.; Sophocleous, Christodoulos (2006)
      We prove that the classical, non-periodic Toda lattice is super-integrable. In other words, we show that it possesses 2 N - 1 independent constants of motion, where N is the number of degrees of freedom. The main ingredient ...