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      Feedback does not increase the capacity of compound channels with additive noise 

      Loyka, S.; Charalambous, Charalambos D. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2016)
      A discrete compound channel with memory is considered, where no stationarity, ergodicity or information stability is required, and where the uncertainty set can be arbitrary. When the discrete noise is additive but otherwise ...
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      A goodness-of-fit test for Poisson count processes 

      Fokianos, Konstantinos; Neumann, M. H. (2013)
      We are studying a novel class of goodness-of-fit tests for parametric count time series regression models. These test statistics are formed by considering smoothed versions of the empirical process of the Pearson residuals. ...
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      Log-linear Poisson autoregression 

      Fokianos, Konstantinos; Tjøstheim, D. (2011)
      We consider a log-linear model for time series of counts. This type of model provides a framework where both negative and positive association can be taken into account. In addition time dependent covariates are accommodated ...
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      Quasi-likelihood inference for negative binomial time series models 

      Christou, V.; Fokianos, Konstantinos (2014)
      We study inference and diagnostics for count time series regression models that include a feedback mechanism. In particular, we are interested in negative binomial processes for count time series. We study probabilistic ...
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      Robust average consensus over packet dropping links: Analysis via coefficients of ergodicity 

      Vaidya, N. H.; Hadjicostis, Christoforos N.; Domínguez-Garcia, A. D. (2012)
      We consider a networked system in which each component (node) iteratively exchanges information with its neighbors according to an arbitrary, possibly directed topology. Based on an iterative exchange of (local and possibly ...
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      Robust Distributed Average Consensus via Exchange of Running Sums 

      Hadjicostis, Christoforos N.; Vaidya, N. H.; Domínguez-Garcia, A. D. (2016)
      We consider a multi-component system in which each component (node) can send/receive information to/from sets of neighboring nodes via communication links (edges) that form a fixed strongly connected, possibly directed, ...
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      Some recent progress in count time series 

      Fokianos, Konstantinos (2011)
      We reviewsome regression models for the analysis of count time series. These models have been the focus of several investigations over the last years, but only recently simple conditions for stationarity and ergodicity ...