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      Causes, consequences, and remedies for growth-induced solid stress in murine and human tumors 

      Stylianopoulos, T.; Martin, J. D.; Chauhan, V. P.; Jain, S. R.; Diop-Frimpong, B.; Bardeesy, N.; Smith, B. L.; Ferrone, C. R.; Hornicek, F. J.; Boucher, Y.; Munn, L. L.; Jain, R. K. (2012)
      The presence of growth-induced solid stresses in tumors has been suspected for some time, but these stresses were largely estimated using mathematical models. Solid stresses can deform the surrounding tissues and compress ...
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      Groucho mediates a Ci-independent mechanism of hedgehog repression in the anterior wing pouch 

      Apidianakis, Yiorgos; Grbavec, D.; Stifani, S.; Delidakis, Christos (2001)
      Groucho (Gro) is the founding member of a family of transcriptional co-repressors that are recruited by a number of different transcription factors. Drosophila has a single gro gene, whose loss of function affects processes ...
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      Haploinsufficiency of the miR-873/miR-876 microRNA cluster is associated with craniofacial abnormalities 

      Koufaris, Costas; Papagregoriou, Gregory N.; Kousoulidou, Ludmila; Moutafi, Maria; Tauber, Maïthé Thérèse; Jouret, Béatrice; Kieffer, Isabelle; Constantinou-Deltas, Constantinos D.; Tanteles, George A.; Anastasiadou, Violetta C.; Patsalis, Philippos C.; Sismani, Carolina (2015)
      MicroRNA haploinsufficiency has been associated with developmental defects in only a limited number of cases. Here we report a de novo genomic microdeletion that includes the LINGO2 gene as well as two microRNA genes, ...
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      Hedgehog restricts its expression domain in the Drosophila wing 

      Bejarano, F.; Pérez, L.; Apidianakis, Yiorgos; Delidakis, Christos; Milán, M. (2007)
      The stable subdivision of Drosophila limbs into anterior and posterior compartments is a consequence of asymmetrical signalling by Hedgehog (Hh), from the posterior to anterior cells. The activity of the homeodomain protein ...
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      Signaling mechanisms controlling cell fate and embryonic patterning 

      Perrimon, N.; Pitsouli, Chrysoula; Shilo, B. -Z (2012)
      During development, signaling pathways specify cell fates by activating transcriptional programs in response to extracellular signals. Extensive studies in the past 30 years have revealed that surprisingly fewpathways exist ...