• Report  

      Sampling of Common Items: An Unrecognized Source of Error in Test Equating. 

      Michaelides, Michalis P.; Haertel, Edward H.; California Univ, Los Angeles Center for the Study, of Evaluation (Center for Research on Evaluation Standards and Student Testing CRESST, 2004)
      There is variability in the estimation of an equating transformation because common-item parameters are obtained from responses of samples of examinees. The most commonly used standard error of equating quantifies this ...
    • Conference Object  

      Soft-decision decoding of linear block codes using efficient iterative G-space encodings 

      Wu, Y.; Hadjicostis, Christoforos N. (2001)
      This paper proposes a sub-optimal maximum likelihood decoding algorithm for linear block codes. Given reliability information about each bit in the received word, our approach initially finds the set of most reliable "basis" ...