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      Education, risk and ethics 

      Papastephanou, Marianna (Routledge, 2006)
      While the notion of risk remains under-theorised in moral philosophy, risk aversion and moralist self-protection appear as dominant cultural tendencies saturating educational orientation and practice. Philosophy of education ...
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      Minimal Ontological Realism as Pragmatist Foundation, and the Ethics of Responsibility 

      Stables, Andrew (2021-12-21)
      Current philosophy of education explores inter alia ontologies that frame educational-philosophical determinations of the learner or teacher as a being. In so doing, it engages with old and new paradigms of (post-)metaphysical ...
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      RoP Legal & Ethics Compliance Tool (RoLECT) 

      Κατρακάζη, Μαριάννα (2022-03-23)
      Μεγάλη πρόκληση στην υλοποίηση του Ευρωπαϊκού Νέφους για την Ανοικτή Επιστήμη (EOSC) αποτελεί η κατανόηση των νομικών υποχρεώσεων και των ζητημάτων ηθικής που απορρέουν από τους Κανόνες Συμμετοχής (Rules of Participation) ...
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      Successful publishing: How to get your paper accepted 

      Audisio, R. A.; Stahel, R. A.; Aapro, M. S.; Costa, Alberto; Pandey, M.; Pavlidis, Nicholas (2009)
      Medical science is rapidly evolving and an incredible number of publications are being published. Are they all worth reading? Authors are deemed responsible for what they put down in writing; whether they are first or ...
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      Επίκτητος (Εκδόσεις Ζήτρος, 1997)