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      Data parallel acceleration of decision support queries using cell/BE and GPUs 

      Trancoso, Pedro; Othonos, D.; Artemiou, A. (2009)
      Decision Support System (DSS) workloads are known to be one of the most time-consuming database workloads that processes large data sets. Traditionally, DSS queries have been accelerated using large-scale multiprocessor. ...
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      Exploring graphics processor performance for general purpose applications 

      Trancoso, Pedro; Charalambous, Maria (2005)
      Graphics processors are designed to perform many floating-point operations per second. Consequently, they are an attractive architecture for high-performance computing at a low cost. Nevertheless, it is still not very clear ...
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      Selective local tone mapping 

      Artusi, A.; Akyüz, A. O.; Roch, B.; Michael, D.; Chrysanthou, Yiorgos L.; Chalmers, A. (2013)
      When preparing high dynamic range images (HDR) for display on standard monitors, it is often necessary to make a choice between global and local tone mapping. While the former is simple and efficient, it may fail to reproduce ...