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      Cyclophosphamide, mitoxantrone, fluorouracil versus conventional CMF as adjuvant treatment in node-positive breast cancer patients 

      Fountzilas, George; Polichronis, A.; Katsohis, C.; Gennatas, Constantinos; Toussis, D.; Skarlos, Dimosthenis V.; Kosmidis, Paraskevas A.; Vassilaros, S.; Semoglou, C.; Giannakakis, T.; Fahantidis, E.; Klouvas, G. D.; Tsavaris, N.; Konstantaras, C.; Makrantonakis, P.; Kolotas, C.; Zamboglou, N.; Tsiliakos, S.; Hainoglou, D.; Mylonakis, N.; Pavlidis, Nicholas (1996)
      362 evaluable node-positive patients with stage II breast cancer were randomized, receiving either 6 cycles of conventional CMF or 6 cycles of the combination of cyclophosphamide (500 mg/m2), mitoxantrone (Novantrone 10 ...
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      Systemic treatment-induced gastrointestinal toxicity: Incidence, clinical presentation and management 

      Boussios, Stergios; Pentheroudakis, George; Katsanos, K.; Pavlidis, Nicholas (2012)
      The toxicity of cancer chemotherapy is among the most important factors limiting its use. Clear delineation and communication of benefits and risks is an essential component of treatment decisions. Gastrointestinal toxicity ...