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      About mentioning quality of preparation and quality control of radiopharmaceuticals used in nuclear medicine procedures [3] 

      Wozniak, Greta; Georgoulias, Panagiotis; Archimandritis, Spiros; Dimakopoulos, Nikolaos; Fezoulidis, Ioannis (2006)
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      Advances and unmet needs in genetic, basic and clinical science in Alport syndrome: Report from the 2015 International Workshop on Alport Syndrome 

      Gross, O.; Kashtan, C. E.; Rheault, M. N.; Flinter, F.; Savige, J.; Miner, J. H.; Torra, R.; Ars, E.; Constantinou-Deltas, Constantinos D.; Savva, Isavella; Perin, L.; Renieri, A.; Ariani, F.; Mari, F.; Baigent, C.; Judge, P.; Knebelman, B.; Heidet, L.; Lagas, S.; Blatt, D.; Ding, J.; Zhang, Y.; Gale, D. P.; Prunotto, M.; Xue, Y.; Schachter, A. D.; Morton, L. C. G.; Blem, J.; Huang, M.; Liu, S.; Vallee, S.; Renault, D.; Schifter, J.; Skelding, J.; Gear, S.; Friede, T.; Turner, A. N.; Lennon, R. (2017)
      Alport syndrome (AS) is a genetic disease characterized by haematuric glomerulopathy variably associated with hearing loss and anterior lenticonus. It is caused by mutations in the COL4A3, COL4A4 or COL4A5 genes encoding ...
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      Assessing performance outcomes in marketing 

      Katsikeas, Constantine S.; Morgan, Neil A.; Leonidou, Leonidas C.; Hult, G. T. M. (2016)
      Research in marketing has increasingly focused on building knowledge about how firms' marketing contributes to performance outcomes. A key precursor to accurately diagnosing the value firms' marketing creates is conceptualizing ...
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      The ESMO guideline strategy: An identity statement and reflections on improvement 

      Pentheroudakis, George; Cardoso, Fatima; Arnold, D.; Sessa, Cristiana; Peters, S.; Horwich, A.; Pavlidis, Nicholas; Stahel, R. A.; Cervantes, A. (2015)
      Guidelines should provide recommendations on the optimal management of a patient in specific clinical circumstances based on the scientific evidence. ESMO, as Europe's leading society in medical oncology produces a range ...
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      Heterogeneity in cancer guidelines: Should we eradicate or tolerate? 

      Pentheroudakis, George; Stahel, R. A.; Hansen, H.; Pavlidis, Nicholas (2008)
      Background: Heterogeneity in aspects of development, structure and context of oncology guidelines was not evaluated. We analysed and critically examined its implications. Materials and methods: Nine cancer clinical practice ...
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      Levels of absolute survival benefit for systemic therapies of advanced cancer: A call for standards 

      Ioannidis, J. P. A.; Pavlidis, Nicholas (2003)
      Research on systemic interventions in patients with advanced stage malignancies should be systematised with an emphasis on the absolute gain in survival for the median patient. Such information is most meaningful with ...
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      Seismic reliability assessment of urban water networks 

      Fragiadakis, M.; Christodoulou, Symeon E. (2014)
      We present a framework for the seismic risk assessment of water supply networks, operating in either normal or abnormal conditions. We propose a methodology for assessing the reliability of water pipe networks combining ...