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      [Late sequelae of viral hepatitis] 

      Zucconi, V.; Balestra, F.; Magris, D.; Pavlidis, Nicholas (1962)
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      Predictors of humoral response to recommended vaccines in HIV-infected adults 

      Tsachouridou, Olga; Christaki, Eirini; Skoura, Lemonia; Georgiou, Adamantini; Nanoudis, Sideris; Vasdeki, Dimitra; Ntziovara, Maria-Anna; Kotoreni, Georgia; Forozidou, Evropi; Tsoukra, Paraskevi; Germanidis, Georgios S.; Metallidis, Symeon (2017)
      Humoral response to vaccination has been found to be inadequate in individuals infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). We retrospectively assessed antibody responses to three routinely recommended vaccines, ...
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      Transfusional transmitted viruses in pregnancy 

      Eleftheriou, Adonis; Kalakoutis, G.; Pavlidis, Nicholas (1998)
      Blood has long been recognized as a vehicle for transmission of infectious organisms and as molecular laboratory technology has advanced, a seemingly endless array of infectious agents has occasionally been documented to ...