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      The effect of homocysteine on the clinical outcomes of ventilated patients with severe sepsis 

      Tsantes, Argirio E.; Tsangaris, I.; Nikolopoulos, Georgios K.; Bagos, Pantelis G.; Kopterides, Petros; Antonakos, Georgios; Dimopoulou, Ioanna; Vrioni, G.; Kapsimali, Violetta; Dima, Kleanthi; Armaganidis, Apostolos; Travlou, Anthi S. (2010)
      Background. There is considerable evidence that elevated plasma homocysteine levels are associated with a prothrombotic milieu, whereas activation of the coagulation cascade is an important component of the pathogenesis ...
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      The effect of plasma homocysteine levels on clinical outcomes of patients with acute lung injury/acute respiratory distress syndrome 

      Tsangaris, I.; Tsantes, Argirio E.; Bagos, Pantelis G.; Nikolopoulos, Georgios K.; Kroupis, C.; Kopterides, Petros; Dimopoulou, Ioanna; Orfanos, S.; Kardoulaki, A.; Chideriotis, S.; Travlou, Anthi S.; Armaganidis, Apostolos (2009)
      Background: Several reports have shown that homocysteine promotes thrombosis by disturbing the procoagulant-anticoagulant balance, whereas alterations in coagulation and fibrinolysis have been suggested as important ...