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      Doxorubicin liposome-loaded microbubbles for contrast imaging and ultrasound-triggered drug delivery 

      Escoffre, Jean-Michel; Mannaris, Christophoros; Geers, Bart; Novell, Anthony; Lentacker, Ine; Averkiou, Michalakis A.; Bouakaz, Ayache (2013)
      Targeted drug delivery under image guidance is gaining more interest in the drug-delivery field. The use of microbubbles as contrast agents in diagnostic ultrasound provides new opportunities in noninvasive image-guided ...
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      Principles of Cerebral Ultrasound Contrast Imaging 

      Powers, Jeff; AVERKIOU, MICHALAKIS A.; Bruce, Matthew (2009)
      Ultrasound contrast is gaining acceptance worldwide as an adjunct to conventional ultrasound imaging. It has clinical applications as diverse as liver disease detection and characterization, myocardial perfusion and wall ...