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      Cancer of unknown primary origin 

      Briassoulis, E. Ch; Pavlidis, Nicholas (1997)
      About 3 % of all cancer patients suffer from cancer of unknown primary origin. These patients present with metastatic disease for which a primary site cannot be detected at the time of diagnosis. Sophisticated diagnostic ...
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      Lymphoma in Sjogren's syndrome 

      Pavlidis, Nicholas; Drosos, Alexandros A.; Papadimitriou, C.; Talal, N.; Moutsopoulos, H. M. (1992)
      Sjogren's syndrome is an autoimmune disease with a known predisposition for lymphoma development. Eight of 120 patients with primary Sjogren's syndrome followed at the University of loannina over the past 7 years developed ...
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      Targeting c-KIT, PDGFR in cancer of unknown primary: A screening study for molecular markers of benefit 

      Dova, L.; Pentheroudakis, George; Golfinopoulos, Vassilis; Malamou-Mitsi, Vassiliki D.; Georgiou, I.; Vartholomatos, G.; Ntemou, A.; Fountzilas, George; Pavlidis, Nicholas (2008)
      Aims: In view of available targeted therapies, we investigated the presence of c-kit, PDGFR gene mutations and protein expression in cancer of unknown primary (CUP) in order to study their contribution in pathogenesis, ...
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      A twisted kiss: In vitro and in vivo evidence of genetic variation and suppressed transcription of the metastasis-suppressor gene KiSS1 in early breast cancer 

      Pentheroudakis, George; Kostadima, Lida; Dova, L.; Georgiou, I.; Tzavaras, T.; Vartholomatos, G.; Wirtz, R. M.; Fountzilas, George; Malamou-Mitsi, Vassiliki D.; Pavlidis, Nicholas (2010)
      KiSS-1 is a metastasis suppressor gene, its inactivation linked to advanced tumor stage and dismal prognosis. We studied its mutational status, transcription and protein expression in human cancer cell lines and patients ...