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      Floquet analysis for vibronically modulated electron tunneling 

      Carias, H.; Beratan, David N.; Skourtis, Spiros S. (2011)
      Electron tunneling provides the primary reaction channel for electron transfer (ET) in many molecular systems. The analysis of such systems therefore requires the consideration of electronic coherence and interference ...
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      Fluctuations in biological and bioinspired electron-transfer reactions 

      Skourtis, Spiros S.; Waldeck, D. H.; Beratan, David N. (2010)
      Central to theories of electron transfer (ET) is the idea that nuclear motion generates a transition state that enables electron flow to proceed, but nuclear motion also induces fluctuations in the donor-acceptor (DA) ...
    • Conference Object  

      A molecular double slit paradigm 

      Skourtis, Spiros S.; Beratan, David N. (2007)
      This contribution describes a simple model of a molecular interferometer. We consider an electron transfer molecule consisting of electron-donating and electron-acceptor parts that are connected by a bridge. The bridge ...
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      Turning charge transfer on and off in a molecular interferometer with vibronic pathways 

      Xiao, D.; Skourtis, Spiros S.; Rubtsov, I. V.; Beratan, David N. (2009)
      Inelastic electron-transfer kinetics in molecules with electron donor and acceptor units connected by a bridge is expected to be sensitive to bridge-localized vibronic interactions. Here, we show how inelastic electron ...