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      Divide and rule: redistribution in a model with differentiated candidates 

      Matakos, Konstantinos; Xefteris, Dimitrios (2017)
      We study an electoral competition model in which each voter is characterized by income level and non-economic characteristics, and where two vote share maximizing candidates, with fixed non-economic characteristics ...
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      Estimating the value and distributional effects of free state schooling 

      Andreou, Sofia N.; Koutsampelas, Christos; Pashardes, Panos (2014)
      The effects of free of charge state education on income distribution are often studied by allocating government education outlays to households, assuming that these outlays equal the benefit which households attach to state ...
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      Status Traps 

      Durlauf, Steven N.; Kourtellos, Andros; Tan, Chih Ming (2017)
      In this article, we explore nonlinearities in the intergenerational mobility process using threshold regression models. We uncover evidence of threshold effects in children's outcomes based on parental education and cognitive ...