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      Analysis of traffic flow with mixed manual and semi-automated vehicles 

      Bose, Arnab; Ioannou, Petros A. (IEEE, 1999)
      While dedicated highways with fully automated vehicles is a far in the future objective, the introduction of semi-automated vehicles on current highways designed to operate with manually driven vehicles is a realistic near ...
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      Autonomous intelligent cruise control using front and back information for tight vehicle following maneuvers 

      Zhang, Y.; Kosmatopoulos, Elias B.; Ioannou, Petros A.; Chien, C. C. (1999)
      During manual driving, most human drivers often use information about the speed and position of the preceding and following vehicles in order to adjust the position and speed of their vehicles. The purpose of this paper ...
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      Collision avoidance analysis for lane changing and merging 

      Jula, H.; Kosmatopoulos, E. B.; Ioannou, Petros A. (2000)
      One of the riskiest maneuvers that a driver has to perform in a conventional highway system is to merge into the traffic and/or to perform a lane changing maneuver. Lane changing/merging collisions are responsible for ...
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      Combined Variable Speed Limit and Lane Change Control for Truck-Dominant Highway Segment 

      Zhang, Y.; Ioannou, Petros A. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2015)
      Traffic demand of trucks is rapidly increasing on highway networks, which harms highway traffic mobility, safety and the environment. Variable speed limit (VSL) control is considered to be able to improve the traffic ...
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      Cruise control with adaptation and wheel torque constraints for improved fuel economy 

      Kahveci, N. E.; Ioannou, Petros A. (2010)
      Cruise controllers are used to automatically control the speed of motor vehicles. In order to maintain a desired vehicle speed the controller takes over the throttle in a cruise control system which proves particularly ...
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      Driving Autopilot with Personalization Feature for Improved Safety and Comfort 

      Butakov, V.; Ioannou, Petros A. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2015)
      Self-driving cars are gaining momentum despite the number of considerable technical and human factor issues that remain controversial. Human acceptance and trust of an automated vehicle to transport people in traffic ...
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      Environmental evaluation of Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) vehicles 

      Bose, Arnab; Ioannou, Petros A. (2000)
      During the last decade considerable research and development efforts have been devoted to automating vehicles in an effort to improve safety and efficiency of vehicle following. Several designs for automatic vehicle following ...
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      Evaluation of ACC vehicles in mixed traffic: Lane change effects and sensitivity analysis 

      Ioannou, Petros A.; Stefanovic, M. (2005)
      Almost every automobile company is producing vehicles with adaptive cruise control (ACC) system onboard that enables a vehicle to do automatic vehicle following in the longitudinal direction. The ACC system is designed for ...
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      Evaluation of mixed semi-automated/manual traffic 

      Bose, Arnab; Ioannou, Petros A. (IEEE, 1998)
      The advance in research and development will make the deployment of automated vehicles a reality in the near future. At the initial stage, semi-automated vehicles with the capability to follow each other automatically in ...
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      Evaluation of the environmental effects of intelligent cruise control vehicles 

      Bose, A.; Ioannou, Petros A. (2001)
      Intelligent cruise control (ICC) vehicles are already commercially available in Japan and should be ready for the North American market by next year. Although the controllers are local and string stable, it is not clear ...
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      Information hovering in vehicular ad-hoc networks 

      Xeros, Andreas; Lestas, Marios; Andreou, Maria I.; Pitsillides, Andreas; Ioannou, Petros A. (2009)
      Information Hovering is a relatively new concept of information dissemination over a mobile set of peers. It naturally applies in many applications in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks, where useful information needs to be made ...
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      Intelligent vehicle: Closing the loop with the highway 

      Ioannou, Petros A. (2006)
      Vehicle intelligence has been advocated as a potential way of improving safety, driver comfort, traffic flow characteristics and efficiency in general. Despite considerable research efforts in vehicle technologies, vehicles ...
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      Macroscopic modeling of automated highway systems 

      Raza, H.; Ioannou, Petros A. (IEEE, 1997)
      An accurate macroscopic traffic flow model of automated highways is necessary not only for analyzing the collective dynamical behavior of automated vehicles but also for designing control laws to improve system level ...
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      Modeling and control design for a computer-controlled brake system 

      Raza, H.; Xu, Z.; Yang, B.; Ioannou, Petros A. (1997)
      The brake subsystem is one of the most significant parts of a vehicle with respect to safety. A computer-controlled brake system has the capability of acting faster than the human driver during emergencies, and therefore ...
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      Modeling of traffic flow of automated vehicles 

      Li, K.; Ioannou, Petros A. (2004)
      With the development of near term automatic vehicles following concepts such as intelligent cruise control (ICC) and cooperative driving, vehicles will be able to automatically follow each other in the longitudinal direction. ...
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      On the structure and evolution of vehicular networks 

      Pallis, George C.; Katsaros, Dimitrios S.; Dikaiakos, Marios D.; Loulloudes, Nicholas; Tassiulas, L. (2009)
      Vehicular ad hoc networks have emerged recently as a platform to support intelligent inter-vehicle communication and improve traffic safety and performance. The road-constrained and high mobility of the vehicles, their ...
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      Personalized Driver/Vehicle Lane Change Models for ADAS 

      Butakov, V.; Ioannou, Petros A. (2015)
      Lane changes are stressful maneuvers for drivers, particularly during high-speed traffic flows. Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADASs) aim to assist drivers during lane change maneuvers. A system that is developed for ...
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      Real-time graph visualization tool for vehicular ad-hoc networks: (VIVAGr: VIsualization tool of VAnet Graphs in real-time) 

      Spanakis, E.; Efstathiades, Christodoulos; Pallis, George C.; Dikaiakos, Marios D. (2011)
      In this work we describe VIVAGr, a graphical-oriented real time visualization tool for vehicular ad-hoc network connectivity graphs. This tool enables the effective synthesis of structural, topological, and dynamic ...
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      Robust platoon-stable controller design for autonomous intelligent vehicles 

      Stotsky, A.; Chien, C. C.; Ioannou, Petros A. (IEEE, 1994)
      A new variable structure longitudinal controller is designed and analyzed for an autonomous intelligent vehicle. The proposed controller not only guarantees individual vehicle stability but also platoon stability. Moreover, ...
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      Scanning advanced automobile technology 

      Gharavi, H.; Prasad, K. V.; Ioannou, Petros A. (2007)
      This introductory article overviews the progress of electrical, electronics, software, and other relevant technologies that shape the modern automobile. Some of these technologies are described in more detail in the articles ...