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      Immunomodulatory therapy for sepsis: An update 

      Christaki, Eirini; Anyfanti, Panagiota; Opal, Steven M. (2011)
      Currently the treatment mainstay of sepsis is early and appropriate antibiotic therapy, accompanied by aggressive fluid administration, the use of vasopressors when needed and the prompt initiation of measures to support ...
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      Systemic treatment-induced gastrointestinal toxicity: Incidence, clinical presentation and management 

      Boussios, Stergios; Pentheroudakis, George; Katsanos, K.; Pavlidis, Nicholas (2012)
      The toxicity of cancer chemotherapy is among the most important factors limiting its use. Clear delineation and communication of benefits and risks is an essential component of treatment decisions. Gastrointestinal toxicity ...