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      Prism-based ultrafast pulse-shaping apparatus 

      Lioudakis, Emmanouil E.; Adamou, Katerina; Othonos, Andreas S. (2005)
      We report on a computer-controlled pulse-shaper setup with high-efficiency throughput, based on dispersive prisms, as an alternative to the conventional grating ultrafast pulse-shaping apparatus. A detailed description of ...
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      Probing carrier dynamics in implanted and annealed polycrystalline silicon thin films using white light 

      Lioudakis, Emmanouil E.; Othonos, Andreas S.; Nassiopoulou, Androula Galiouna (2006)
      Polycrystalline silicon thin film samples implanted and annealed at various temperatures have been studied using ultrafast laser pulse excitation. Nondegenerate pump-probe technique has been utilized to investigate carrier ...