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      A bootstrap test for time series linearity 

      Berg, A.; Paparoditis Efstathios, E.; Politis, Dimitris Nicolas (2010)
      A bootstrap algorithm is proposed for testing Gaussianity and linearity in stationary time series, and consistency of the relevant bootstrap approximations is proven rigorously for the first time. Subba Rao and Gabr (1980) ...
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      Dynamic misspecification in nonparametric cointegrating regression 

      Kasparis, Ioannis; Phillips, Peter C. B. (2012)
      Linear cointegration is known to have the important property of invariance under temporal translation. The same property is shown not to apply for nonlinear cointegration. The limit properties of the Nadaraya-Watson (NW) ...
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      Estimation of the bispectrum for locally stationary processes 

      Paparoditis Efstathios, E.; Preuß, P. (2014)
      We consider the problem of estimating the bispectrum of a locally stationary process. A nonparametric, lag-window type estimator is considered and its asymptotic properties are investigated. As a possible application, a ...