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      Human figure animation: A historical perspective 

      Himona, S. L.; Chrysanthou, Yiorgos L.; Loizides, A. (2008)
      Computer Animation, has advanced significantly as well as spectacularly over the last two-to-three decades. The interesting field has innovated tremendously moving from first-generation i.e. purely geometric models where ...
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      Substrate type has a limited impact on the sprint performance of a Mediterranean lizard 

      Savvides, Pantelis; Georgiou, Eleni; Pafilis, Panayiotis; Sfenthourakis, Spyros (Firenze University Press, 2019-12-27)
      Environmental factors may affect animal performance in diverse ways, even among different populations of a single species. Here, we assess the impact of substrate type on the sprint performance (maximum speed and acceleration) ...
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      Tail autotomy affects bipedalism but not sprint performance in a cursorial Mediterranean lizard 

      Savvides, P.; Stavrou, M.; Pafilis, P.; Sfenthourakis, Spyros (2016)
      Running is essential in all terrestrial animals mainly for finding food and mates and escaping from predators. Lizards employ running in all their everyday functions, among which defense stands out. Besides flight, tail ...