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      The complexity of synchronous iterative Do-All with crashes 

      Georgiou, Chryssis; Russell, A.; Shvartsman, A. A. (2004)
      The ability to cooperate on common tasks in a distributed setting is key to solving a broad range of computation problems ranging from distributed search such as SETI to distributed simulation and multi-agent collaboration. ...
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      The cost of concurrent, low-contention Read&Modify&Write 

      Busch, Costas; Mavronicolas, Marios; Spirakis, Paul G. (2005)
      The possibility or impossibility and the corresponding costs of devising concurrent, low-contention implementations of atomic Read&Modify&Write (or RMW) operations in a distributed system were addressed. A natural class ...
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      Decoding algorithm and architecture for BCH codes under the Lee metric 

      Wu, Y.; Hadjicostis, Christoforos N. (2008)
      The Lee metric measures the circular distance between two elements in a cyclic group and is particularly appropriate as a measure of distance for data transmission under phase-shift-keying modulation over a white noise ...
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      Efficiency of oblivious versus nonoblivious schedulers for optimistic, rate-based flow control 

      Fatourou, Panagiota; Mavronicolas, Marios; Spirakis, Paul G. (2005)
      Two important performance parameters of distributed, rate-based flow control algorithms are their locality and convergence complexity. The former is characterized by the amount of global knowledge that is available to their ...
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      Eigenvalue estimates on bakry–Émery manifolds 

      Charalambous, N.; Lu, Z.; Rowlett, J. (Springer Verlag, 2015)
      We demonstrate lower bounds for the eigenvalues of compact Bakry– Émery manifolds with and without boundary. The lower bounds for the first eigenvalue rely on a generalized maximum principle which allows gradient estimates ...
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      Information theoretic modeling and analysis for global interconnects with process variations 

      Denic, S. Z.; Vasic, B.; Charalambous, Charalambos D.; Chen, J.; Wang, J. M. (2011)
      As the CMOS semiconductor technology enters nanometer regime, interconnect processes must be compatible with device roadmaps and meet manufacturing targets at the specified wafer size. The resulting ubiquitous process ...
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      A mathematical framework for robust control over uncertain communication channels 

      Charalambous, Charalambos D.; Farhadi, A. (2005)
      In this paper, a mathematical framework for studying robust control over uncertain communication channels is introduced. The theory is developed by 1) Generalizing the classical information theoretic measures to the robust ...
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      Meeting the deadline: On the complexity of fault-tolerant continuous gossip 

      Georgiou, Chryssis; Gilbert, S.; Kowalski, D. R. (2011)
      In this paper we introduce the problem of Continuous Gossip in which rumors are continually and dynamically injected throughout the network. Each rumor has a deadline, and the goal of a continuous gossip protocol is to ...
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      Meeting the deadline: On the complexity of fault-tolerant Continuous Gossip 

      Georgiou, Chryssis; Gilbert, S.; Kowalski, D. R. (2010)
      In this paper, we introduce the problem of Continuous Gossip in which rumors are continually and dynamically injected throughout the network. Each rumor has a deadline, and the goal of a continuous gossip protocol is to ...
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      Mutual information expansion for MIMO systems and capacity formulae at low SNR 

      Ioannou, I.; Charalambous, Charalambos D.; Denic, S. (2011)
      The paper introduces a new asymptotic series expansion for the mutual information of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) channels. The expansion approaches mutual information from below, and for low signal to noise ratio ...
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      The price of defense and fractional matchings 

      Mavronicolas, Marios; Lesta, Vicky Papadopoulou; Persiano, Giuseppe; Philippou, Anna; Spirakis, Paul G. (2006)
      Consider a network vulnerable to security attacks and equipped with defense mechanisms. How much is the loss in the provided security guarantees due to the selfish nature of attacks and defenses? The Price of Defense was ...
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      Rate distortion function with causal decoding 

      Charalambous, Charalambos D.; Kourtellaris, C. K.; Stavrou, P. A. (2010)
      This paper considers source coding of general sources with memory, when causal feedback is available at the decoder. The rate distortion function is defined as the infimum of the so-called directed information over causal ...
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      Reliable internet-based master-worker computing in the presence of malicious workers 

      Fernández Anta, Antonio; Georgiou, Chryssis; López, Luis; Santos, Agustín (2012)
      We consider a Master-Worker distributed system where a master processor assigns, over the Internet, tasks to a collection of n workers, which are untrusted and might act maliciously. In addition, a worker may not reply to ...
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      Search for the decays B(s)0→e+μ- and B(s)0→e+e- in CDF run II 

      Aaltonen, T.; Adelman, J.; Akimoto, T.; Ãlvarez Gonzãlez, B.; Amerio, S.; Amidei, D.; Anastassov, A.; Annovi, A.; Antos, J.; Apollinari, G.; Apresyan, A.; Arisawa, T.; Artikov, A.; Ashmanskas, W.; Attal, A.; Aurisano, A.; Azfar, F.; Azzurri, P.; Badgett, W.; Barbaro-Galtieri, A.; Barnes, V. E.; Barnett, B. A.; Bartsch, V.; Bauer, G.; Beauchemin, P. -H; Bedeschi, F.; Beecher, D.; Behari, S.; Bellettini, G.; Bellinger, J.; Benjamin, D.; Beretvas, Andrew; Beringer, J.; Bhatti, A.; Binkley, M.; Bisello, D.; Bizjak, I.; Blair, R. E.; Blocker, C.; Blumenfeld, B.; Bocci, A.; Bodek, A.; Boisvert, V.; Bolla, G.; Bortoletto, D.; Boudreau, J.; Boveia, A.; Brau, B.; Bridgeman, A.; Brigliadori, L.; Bromberg, C.; Brubaker, E.; Budagov, J.; Budd, H. S.; Budd, S.; Burke, S.; Burkett, K.; Busetto, G.; Bussey, P.; Buzatu, A.; Byrum, K. L.; Cabrera, S.; Calancha, C.; Campanelli, M.; Campbell, M.; Canelli, Florencia M.; Canepa, A.; Carls, B.; Carlsmith, D.; Carosi, R.; Carrillo, S.; Carron, S.; Casal, B.; Casarsa, M.; Castro, A.; Catastini, P.; Cauz, D.; Cavaliere, V.; Cavalli-Sforza, M.; Cerri, A.; Cerrito, L.; Chang, S. H.; Chen, Y. C.; Chertok, M.; Chiarelli, G.; Chlachidze, G.; Chlebana, F.; Cho, K.; Chokheli, D.; Chou, J. P.; Choudalakis, G.; Chuang, S. H.; Chung, K.; Chung, W. H.; Chung, Y. S.; Chwalek, T.; Ciobanu, C. I.; Ciocci, M. A.; Clark, A.; Clark, D.; Compostella, G.; Convery, M. E.; Conway, J.; Cordelli, M.; Cortiana, G.; Cox, C. A.; Cox, D. J.; Crescioli, F.; Cuenca Almenar, C.; Cuevas, J.; Culbertson, R.; Cully, J. C.; Dagenhart, D.; Datta, M.; Davies, T.; De Barbaro, P.; De Cecco, S.; Deisher, A.; De Lorenzo, G.; Dell'Orso, M.; Deluca, C.; Demortier, L.; Deng, J.; Deninno, M.; Derwent, P. F.; Di Giovanni, G. P.; Dionisi, Carlo; Di Ruzza, B.; Dittmann, J. R.; D'Onofrio, M.; Donati, S.; Dong, P.; Donini, J.; Dorigo, T.; Dube, S.; Efron, J.; Elagin, A.; Erbacher, R.; Errede, D.; Errede, S.; Eusebi, R.; Fang, H. C.; Farrington, S.; Fedorko, W. T.; Feild, R. G.; Feindt, M.; Fernandez, J. P.; Ferrazza, C.; Field, R.; Flanagan, G.; Forrest, R.; Frank, M. J.; Franklin, M.; Freeman, J. C.; Furic, I.; Gallinaro, M.; Galyardt, J.; Garberson, F.; Garcia, J. E.; Garfinkel, A. F.; Genser, K.; Gerberich, H.; Gerdes, D.; Gessler, A.; Giagu, S.; Giakoumopoulou, V. A.; Giannetti, P.; Gibson, K.; Gimmell, J. L.; Ginsburg, C. M.; Giokaris, N.; Giordani, M.; Giromini, P.; Giunta, M.; Giurgiu, G.; Glagolev, V.; Glenzinski, D.; Gold, M.; Goldschmidt, N.; Golossanov, A.; Gomez, G.; Gomez-Ceballos, G.; Goncharov, M.; González, O.; Gorelov, I.; Goshaw, A. T.; Goulianos, Konstantin; Gresele, A.; Grinstein, S.; Grosso-Pilcher, C.; Group, R. C.; Grundler, U.; Guimaraes Da Costa, J.; Gunay-Unalan, Z.; Haber, C.; Hahn, K.; Hahn, S. 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F.; Shimojima, M.; Shiraishi, S.; Shochet, M.; Shon, Y.; Shreyber, I.; Sidoti, A.; Sinervo, P.; Sisakyan, A.; Slaughter, A. J.; Slaunwhite, J.; Sliwa, K.; Smith, J. R.; Snider, F. D.; Snihur, R.; Soha, A.; Somalwar, S.; Sorin, V.; Spalding, J.; Spreitzer, T.; Squillacioti, P.; Stanitzki, M.; St. Denis, R.; Stelzer, B.; Stelzer-Chilton, O.; Stentz, D.; Strologas, John; Strycker, G. L.; Stuart, D.; Suh, J. S.; Sukhanov, A.; Suslov, I.; Suzuki, T.; Taffard, A.; Takashima, R.; Takeuchi, Y.; Tanaka, R.; Tecchio, M.; Teng, P. K.; Terashi, K.; Thom, J.; Thompson, A. S.; Thompson, G. 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C.; Zanello, L.; Zanetti, A.; Zhang, X.; Zheng, Y.; Zucchelli, S. (2009)
      We report results from a search for the lepton flavor violating decays Bs0→e+μ- and B0→e+μ-, and the flavor-changing neutral-current decays Bs0→e+e- and B0→e+e-. The analysis uses data corresponding to 2fb-1 of integrated ...
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      Stochastic control over finite capacity channels: Causality, feedback and uncertainty 

      Charalambous, Charalambos D.; Kourtellaris, C. K.; Stavrou, P. (2009)
      Optimal communication/control analysis and design of dynamical controlled systems, when there are finite capacity communication constraints often involve information and control theoretic analysis. This paper, employees ...
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      Trade-off results for connection management 

      Mavronicolas, Marios; Papadakis, Nikos K. (2003)
      A connection management protocol establishes and handles a connection between two hosts across a wide-area network to allow reliable message delivery. We continue the previous work of Kleinberg et al. (Proceedings of the ...
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      An upper and a lower bound for tick synchronization 

      Mavronicolas, Marios (1992)
      The tick synchronization problem is defined and studied in the semi-synchronous complete network with n processes. An algorithm for the tick synchronization problem enables each process to make an estimate of real time ...