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      Magnetic properties of Fe3O4 thin films grown on different substrates by laser ablation 

      Paramês, M. L.; Viskadourakis, Z.; Rogalski, M. S.; Mariano, J.; Popovici, N.; Giapintzakis, John; Conde, O. (2007)
      Magnetite thin films have been grown onto (1 0 0)Si, (1 0 0)GaAs and (0 0 0 1)Al2O3, at substrate temperatures varying from 473 to 673 K, by UV pulsed laser ablation of Fe3O4 targets in reactive atmospheres of O2 and Ar, ...
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      Matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation of Mn 12(Propionate) thin films 

      Pervolaraki, M.; Sima, F.; Socol, G.; Teodorescu, C. M.; Gheorghe, N. G.; Socol, M.; Mihailescu, I. N.; Moushi, E. E.; Tasiopoulos, Anastasopoulos J.; Athanasopoulos, G. I.; Viskadourakis, Z.; Giapintzakis, John (2012)
      Single molecule magnets are of great interest due to a multitude of potential applications for some of which thin films are required. Traditional physical vapor deposition techniques are not suitable for the deposition of ...