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      Design tradeoffs for the Alpha EV8 conditional branch predictor 

      Seznec, A.; Felix, S.; Krishnan, V.; Sazeides, Yiannakis (2002)
      This paper presents the Alpha EV8 conditional branch predictor. The Alpha EV8 microprocessor project, canceled in June 2001 in a late phase of development, envisioned an aggressive 8-wide issue out-of-order superscalar ...
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      Modeling program predictability 

      Sazeides, Yiannakis; Smith, James E. (IEEE Comp Soc, 1998)
      Basic properties of program predictability - for both values and control - are defined and studied. We take the view that program predictability originates at certain points during a program's execution, flows through ...
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      Modeling value speculation 

      Sazeides, Yiannakis (IEEE Computer Society, 2002)
      Several studies of speculative execution based on values have reported promising performance potential. However, virtually all microarchitectures in these studies were described in an ambiguous manner, mainly due to the ...
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      Performance and power optimization through data compression in Network-on-Chip architectures 

      Das, R.; Mishra, A. K.; Nicopoulos, Chrysostomos A.; Park, D.; Narayanan, V.; Iyer, R.; Yousif, M. S.; Das, C. R. (2008)
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      Watt matters most? Design space exploration of high-performance microprocessors for power-performance efficiency 

      Trancoso, Pedro (2007)
      Computer systems have evolved significantly in the last years leading to high-performance systems. This, however, has come with a cost of large power dissipation. As such, power-awareness has become a major factor in ...