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      Inference of gene relations from microarray data by abduction 

      Papatheodorou, I.; Kakas, Antonis C.; Sergot, M. (2005)
      We describe an application of Abductive Logic Programming (ALP) to the analysis of an important class of DNA microarray experiments. We develop an ALP theory that provides a simple and general model of how gene interactions ...
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      New light from hybrid inorganic-organic emitters 

      Belton, C. R.; Itskos, Grigorios; Heliotis, G.; Stavrinou, P. N.; Lagoudakis, P. G.; Lupton, J.; Pereira, S.; Gu, E.; Griffin, C.; Guilhabert, B.; Watson, I. M.; Mackintosh, A. R.; Pethrick, R. A.; Feldmann, J.; Murray, R.; Dawson, M. D.; Bradley, D. D. C. (2008)
      We present the highlights of a research programme on hybrid inorganic-organic light emitters. These devices combine recent developments in III-V nitride technology (including UV emitting micro-arrays and specifically ...