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      In vivo imaging of Drosophila melanogaster pupae with mesoscopic fluorescence tomography 

      Vinegoni, C.; Pitsouli, Chrysoula; Razansky, D.; Perrimon, N.; Ntziachristos, V. (2008)
      We report a technique for fluorescence tomography that operates beyond the penetration limits of tissue-sectioning fluorescence microscopy. The method uses multi-projection illumination and photon transport description in ...
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      In vivo imaging of quantum dots encapsulated in phospholipid micelles 

      Dubertret, B.; Skourides, Paris A.; Norris, D. J.; Brivanlou, A. H.; Libchaber, A.; Noireaux, V. (2002)
      Fluorescent semiconductor nanocrystals (quantum dots) have the potential to revolutionize biological imaging, but their use has been limited by difficulties in obtaining nanocrystals that are biocompatible. To address this ...
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      Neuralized Encodes a Peripheral Membrane Protein Involved in Delta Signaling and Endocytosis 

      Pavlopoulos, Elias; Pitsouli, Chrysoula; Klueg, K. M.; Muskavitch, M. A. T.; Moschonas, Nicholas K.; Delidakis, Christos (2001)
      Activation of the Notch (N) receptor involves an intracellular proteolytic step triggered by shedding of the extracellular N domain (N-EC) upon ligand interaction. The ligand Dl has been proposed to effect this N-EC shedding ...
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      Single-shot optical sectioning using two-color probes in HiLo fluorescence microscopy 

      Muro, E.; Vermeulen, P.; Ioannou, Androulla; Skourides, Paris A.; Dubertret, B.; Fragola, A.; Loriette, V. (2011)
      We describe a wide-field fluorescence microscope setup which combines HiLo microscopy technique with the use of a two-color fluorescent probe. It allows one-shot fluorescence optical sectioning of thick biological moving ...