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      Failure to launch? The role of land inequality in transition delays 

      Kourtellos, Andros; Stylianou, Ioanna; Tan, Chih Ming (2013)
      This paper provides empirical support for one theory of transition delays: initial land inequality. Using a new historical dataset for land inequality (Frankema, 2009) we employ duration analysis to investigate whether ...
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      Financial time series and volatility prediction using NoVaS transformations 

      Politis, Dimitris Nicolas; Thomakos, D. D. (2008)
      We extend earlier work on the NoVaS transformation approach introduced by Politis (2003a, 2003b). The proposed approach is model-free and especially relevant when making forecasts in the context of model uncertainty and ...
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      Robust determinants of intergenerational mobility in the land of opportunity 

      Kourtellos, Andros; Marr, Christa; Tan, Chih Ming (2016)
      This paper revisits the influential work by Chetty et al. (2014) who attempt to explain the variation in intergenerational mobility across commuter zones in the US (i.e., spatial mobility) using nine classes of variables. ...