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      The application of HIV molecular epidemiology to public health 

      Paraskeva, D.; Nikolopoulos, Georgios K.; Magiorkinis, Gkikas; Hodges-Mameletzis, I.; Hatzakis, A. (2016)
      HIV is responsible for one of the largest viral pandemics in human history. Despite a concerted global response for prevention and treatment, the virus persists. Thus, urgent public health action, utilizing novel interventions, ...
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      Economic recession and emergence of an HIV-1 outbreak among drug injectors in Athens metropolitan area: A longitudinal study 

      Paraskeva, D.; Nikolopoulos, Georgios K.; Fotiou, Anastasios; Tsiara, Chrissa G.; Paraskeva, D.; Sypsa, V.; Lazanas, Marios; Gargalianos, Panagiotis; Psichogiou, M.; Skoutelis, A.; Wiessing, L.; Friedman, Samuel R.; Jarlais, Don C. Des; Terzidou, M.; Kremastinou, Jenny; Malliori-Minerva, Melpomeni; Hatzakis, A. (2013)
      Background: During 2011, a dramatic increase (1600%) of reported HIV-1 infections among injecting drug users (IDUs) was noted in Athens, Greece. We herein assess the potential causal pathways associated with this outbreak. ...
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      Enhanced HIV-1 surveillance using molecular epidemiology to study and monitor HIV-1 outbreaks among intravenous drug users (IDUs) in Athens and Bucharest 

      Paraskeva, D.; Paraschiv, S.; Sypsa, V.; Nikolopoulos, Georgios K.; Tsiara, Chrissa G.; Magiorkinis, Gkikas; Psichogiou, M.; Flampouris, Andreas; Mardarescu, Mariana; Niculescu, I.; Batan, Ionelia; Malliori-Minerva, Melpomeni; Otelea, D.; Hatzakis, A. (2015)
      Background: A significant increase in HIV-1 diagnoses was reported among Injecting Drug Users (IDUs) in the Athens (17-fold) and Bucharest (9-fold) metropolitan areas starting 2011. Methods: Molecular analyses were conducted ...
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      Generalized least squares for assessing trends in cumulative meta-analysis with applications in genetic epidemiology 

      Bagos, Pantelis G.; Nikolopoulos, Georgios K. (2009)
      Objective: Cumulative meta-analysis allows the evaluation of a study's contribution to the combined effect of the preceding research. It accrues evidence, gradually adding studies one at a time and provides updated estimates ...
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      Hepatitis C infection among intravenous drug users attending therapy programs in Cyprus 

      Demetriou, Victoria L.; Van De Vijver, D. A. M. C.; Hezka, Johana; Kostrikis, Leontios G.; Savvopoulou, Natasa; Georgiades, Neoklis; Charilaou, Charis C.; Argyriou, Argyris; Pavlou, Tina; Platritis, Kyriakos; Veresies, Kyriakos L. (2010)
      The most high-risk population for HCV transmission worldwide today are intravenous drug users. HCV genotypes in the general population in Cyprus demonstrate a polyphyletic infection and include subtypes associated with ...
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      HIV epidemiology in Greece 

      Nikolopoulos, Georgios K.; Paraskeva, D.; Hatzakis, A. (2008)
      Greece has experienced early the effect of HIV/AIDS on morbidity and mortality. The era of highly active antiretroviral therapy has alleviated many of the consequences of the epidemic, however, HIV infection remains an ...
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      HIV-1 outbreak among injecting drug users in Greece, 2011: A preliminary report 

      Paraskeva, D.; Nikolopoulos, Georgios K.; Tsiara, Chrissa G.; Paraskeva, D.; Antoniadou, Anastasia; Lazanas, Marios; Gargalianos, Panagiotis; Psychogiou, M.; Malliori-Minerva, Melpomeni; Kremastinou, Jenny; Hatzakis, A. (2011)
      A significant increase (more than 10-fold) in the number of newly diagnosed HIV-1 infections among injecting drug users (IDUs) was observed in Greece during the first seven months of 2011. Molecular epidemiology results ...
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      Overview of HIV molecular epidemiology among people who inject drugs in Europe and Asia 

      Nikolopoulos, Georgios K.; Kostaki, Evangelia-Georgia; Paraskeva, D. (2016)
      HIV strains continuously evolve, tend to recombine, and new circulating variants are being discovered. Novel strains complicate efforts to develop a vaccine against HIV and may exhibit higher transmission efficiency and ...
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      Post-cataract surgery endophthalmitis outbreak caused by multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa 

      Maltezou, Helena C.; Pappa, O.; Nikolopoulos, Georgios K.; Ftika, L.; Maragos, Antonios; Kaitsa, H.; Protonotariou, E.; Diza, Evdoxia; Georgiadis, N.; Vatopoulos, A.; Nikolaidis, Pavlos (2012)
      In June 2010, a severe outbreak of 13 cases of postcataract surgery endophthalmitis caused by multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa occurred. Pulse-field gel electrophoresis in eye isolates found 95% genetic similarity; ...
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      Prevalence of genetic mutations that predispose to thrombophilia in a Greek Cypriot population 

      Angelopoulou, Katerina; Nicolaïdes, Andrew N.; Constantinou-Deltas, Constantinos D. (2000)
      Several hereditary disorders, particularly those affecting the physiological anticoagulation systems, have been well established as risk factors for venous thromboembolism. In the present study, we investigated the prevalence ...