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      Cancer and pregnancy: Poena magna, not anymore 

      Pentheroudakis, George; Pavlidis, Nicholas (2006)
      Cancer diagnosed during pregnancy constitutes a difficult clinical condition with a devastating impact on the patient's somatic and psychosocial health and possibly on foetal integrity. This circumstance also raises several ...
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      Lung cancer in the pregnant woman: To treat or not to treat, that is the question 

      Jr, H. A. Azim; Peccatori, Fedro A.; Pavlidis, Nicholas (2010)
      Lung cancer in pregnancy is a rare situation; however, it is increasingly reported in the past two decades. The association might be more encountered in the coming years due to the rising trends of cigarette smoking among ...
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      Presentation, management and outcome of 32 patients with pregnancy-associated breast cancer: A matched controlled study 

      Halaska, M. J.; Pentheroudakis, George; Strnad, P.; Stankusova, H.; Chod, J.; Robova, H.; Petruzelka, L.; Rob, L.; Pavlidis, Nicholas (2009)
      Pregnancy-associated breast cancer (PABC) is a rare and challenging problem. We sought to describe epidemiology, management and outcome of women in whom breast cancer was diagnosed during pregnancy or within one year after ...