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      Complexity of rational and irrational Nash equilibria 

      Bilò, Vittorio; Mavronicolas, Marios (2011)
      We introduce two new decision problems, denoted as ∃ RATIONAL NASH and ∃ IRRATIONAL NASH, pertinent to the rationality and irrationality, respectively, of Nash equilibria for (finite) strategic games. These problems ask, ...
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      Nash equilibria for voronoi games on transitive graphs 

      Feldmann, R.; Mavronicolas, Marios; Monien, Burkhard (2009)
      In a Voronoi game, each of κ≥2 players chooses a vertex in a graph G=〈V(G), E(G)〉. The utility of a player measures her Voronoi cell: the set of vertices that are closest to her chosen vertex than to that of another player. ...
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      Selfish routing in the presence of network uncertainty 

      Georgiou, Chryssis; Pavlides, Theophanis; Philippou, Anna (2009)
      We study the problem of selfish routing in the presence of incomplete network information. Our model consists of a number of users who wish to route their traffic on a network of m parallel links with the objective of ...