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      A-system: Problem solving through abduction 

      Kakas, Antonis C.; Van Nuffelen, B.; Denecker, M. (2001)
      This paper presents a new system, called the A-System, performing abductive reasoning within the framework of Abductive Logic Programming. It is based on a hybrid computational model that implements the abductive search ...
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      Integration of theory, ICT tooling and practical wisdom of teacher: A case of adaptive learning 

      Mavroudi, Anna; Hadzilacos, Thanasis; Panteli, Panagiota; Aristodemou, Andrie (2014)
      Teachers adapt their lessons with or without the use of technology - but in a traditional class setting they target the imaginary "average student". This paper discusses how the teacher's "wisdom of practice" can intervene ...
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      A requirements engineering methodology based on natural language syntax and semantics 

      Georgiades, M. G.; Andreou, Andreas S.; Pattichis, Constantinos S. (2005)
      The present paper proposes a methodology for engineering requirements in a precise, comprehensive, understandable and time-saving way based on concepts and principles of Natural Language Syntax and Semantics (NLSS). The ...