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      Identification of key locations based on online social network activity 

      Efstathiades, Hariton; Antoniades, Demetris; Pallis, George C.; Dikaiakos, Marios D. (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc, 2015)
      Ubiquitous Internet connectivity enables users to update their Online Social Network profile from any location and at any point in time. These, often geo-tagged, data can be used to provide valuable information to closely ...
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      Towards a back-end framework for supporting affective avatar-based interaction systems 

      Andreou, Panayiotis G.; Georgiadis, Dimosthenis; Pamboris, Andreas; Christophorou, C.; Samaras, George S. (CEUR-WS, 2015)
      Avatar-based systems provide an intuitive way of interact-ing with users in the context of Ambient Abisted Living (AAL). These systems are typically supported by a diverse set of services for, e.g., social daily activities, ...