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      Facets of the fully mixed nash equilibrium conjecture 

      Feldmann, R.; Mavronicolas, Marios; Pieris, Andreas (2008)
      In this work, we continue the study of the many facets of the Fully Mixed Nash Equilibrium Conjecture, henceforth abbreviated as the FMNE Conjecture, in selfish routing for the special case of n identical users over two ...
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      Performance and power optimization through data compression in Network-on-Chip architectures 

      Das, R.; Mishra, A. K.; Nicopoulos, Chrysostomos A.; Park, D.; Narayanan, V.; Iyer, R.; Yousif, M. S.; Das, C. R. (2008)
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      The price of selfish routing 

      Mavronicolas, Marios; Spirakis, Paul G. (2007)
      We study the problem of routing traffic through a congested network. We focus on the simplest case of a network consisting of m parallel links. We assume a collection of n network users
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      Real-time estimation of travel times along the arcs and arrival times at the nodes of dynamic stochastic networks 

      Jula, H.; Dessouky, M.; Ioannou, Petros A. (2008)
      Route planning in uncertain and dynamic networks has recently emerged as an active and intense area of research, both due to industry needs and technological advances. This paper investigates methods to predict travel times ...
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      Which is the worst-case Nash equilibrium? 

      Lücking, T.; Mavronicolas, Marios; Monien, Burkhard; Rode, M.; Spirakis, Paul G.; Vrto, I. (2003)
      A Nash equilibrium of a routing network represents a stable state of the network where no user finds it beneficial to unilaterally deviate from its routing strategy. In this work, we investigate the structure of such ...