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      Efficient indexing data structures for flash-based sensor devices 

      Lin, S.; Zeinalipour-Yazdi, Constantinos D.; Kalogeraki, Vana; Gunopulos, Dimitrios; Najjar, W. A. (2006)
      Flash memory is the most prevalent storage medium found on modern wireless sensor devices (WSDs). In this article we present two external memory index structures for the efficient retrieval of records stored on the local ...
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      A local search mechanism for peer-to-peer networks 

      Kalogeraki, Vana; Gunopulos, Dimitrios; Zeinalipour-Yazdi, Constantinos D. (2002)
      One important problem in peer-to-peer (P2P) networks is searching and retrieving the correct information. However, existing searching mechanisms in pure peer-to-peer networks are inefficient due to the decentralized nature ...