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      Controlling cancer pain: Is morphine the best we can do? 

      Dietis, Nikolas; Rowbotham, D. J.; Lambert, D. G. (2011)
      Despite the existence of a family of 3 classical and one non-classical opioid receptor, morphine, acting at the MOP (μ) receptor remains the gold standard for use in cancer pain. The main thrust of opioid development has ...
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      Simultaneous targeting of multiple opioid receptors: A strategy to improve side-effect profile 

      Dietis, Nikolas; Guerrini, R.; Calo, G.; Salvadori, S.; Rowbotham, D. J.; Lambert, D. G. (2009)
      Opioid receptors are currently classified as (mu: mOP), δ (delta: dOP), κ (kappa: kOP) with a fourth related non-classical opioid receptor for nociceptin/orphainin FQ, NOP. Morphine is the current gold standard analgesic ...