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      Adaptive congestion protocol: A congestion control protocol with learning capability 

      Lestas, Marios; Pitsillides, Andreas; Ioannou, Petros A.; Hadjipollas, George (2007)
      There is strong evidence that the current implementation of TCP will perform poorly in future high-speed networks. To address this problem many congestion control protocols have been proposed in literature which, however, ...
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      Atherosclerotic plaque ultrasound video encoding, wireless transmission, and quality assessment using H.264 

      Panayides, Andreas S.; Pattichis, Marios S.; Pattichis, Constantinos S.; Loizou, Christos P.; Pantzaris, Marios C.; Pitsillides, Andreas (2011)
      We propose a unifying framework for efficient encoding, transmission, and quality assessment of atherosclerotic plaque ultrasound video. The approach is based on a spatially varying encoding scheme, where video-slice ...
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      Distributed weight balancing under integer constraints in the presence of packet drops 

      Rikos, A. I.; Hadjicostis, Christoforos N. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2018)
      A digraph with positive integer weights on its (directed) edges is weight-balanced if, for each node, the sum of the weights of the incoming edges equals the sum of the weights of the outgoing edges. We develop a distributed ...
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      A hybrid fault-tolerant algorithm for MPLS networks 

      Hadjiona, Maria; Georgiou, Chryssis; Papa, Maria; Vassiliou, Vasos (2008)
      In this paper we present a new fault tolerant, path maintaining, algorithm for use in MPLS based networks. The novelty of the algorithm lies upon the fact that it is the first to employ both path restoration mechanisms ...
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      Optimal filtering over uncertain wireless communication channels 

      Ma, X.; Djouadi, S. M.; Charalambous, Charalambos D. (2011)
      In this letter, filtering over wireless communication channels subject to packet losses is considered. The packet losses are assumed to follow a Bernoulli distribution. The latter is interpreted as a special case of a ...
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      Performance evaluation of mobile IPv6 handover extensions in an IEEE 802.11b wireless network environment 

      Lai, J.; Sekercioglu, Y. Ahmet; Jordan, N.; Pitsillides, Andreas (2006)
      In order to support mobile users, the basic Internet protocols have been extended with protocols (e.g., Mobile IPv6) for intercepting and forwarding packets to a mobile and possibly roaming node. Seamless roaming requires ...
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      Robust Distributed Average Consensus via Exchange of Running Sums 

      Hadjicostis, Christoforos N.; Vaidya, N. H.; Domínguez-Garcia, A. D. (2016)
      We consider a multi-component system in which each component (node) can send/receive information to/from sets of neighboring nodes via communication links (edges) that form a fixed strongly connected, possibly directed, ...