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      A discrete event based simulation environment for enhanced UMTS 3 rd generation networks 

      Antoniou, Josephina; Vassiliou, Vasos; Pitsillides, Andreas; Hadjipollas, George; Jacovides, N. (2004)
      This paper presents a new system level simulator that has been developed to evaluate E-UMTS (Enhanced Universal Mobile Telecommunication Systems) 3G Networks. The article describes how the simulator supports different ...
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      Dynamic routing and admission control for virtual circuit networks 

      Economides, Anastasios A.; Ioannou, Petros A.; Silvester, J. A. (1995)
      The dynamic joint routing and admission control problem in multiple class multiple source-destination virtual circuit networks is considered. A nonlinear dynamic queueing model for virtual circuit networks that considers ...
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      Effective control of traffic flow in ATM networks using fuzzy explicit rate marking (PERM) 

      Pitsillides, Andreas; Sekercioglu, Y. Ahmet; Ramamurthy, G. (1997)
      In this paper, we describe the fuzzy explicit rate marking (FERM) traffic flow control algorithm for a class of best effort service, known as available bit rate (ABR), proposed by the ATM Forum. FERM is an explicit rate ...
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      Fuzzy control of ABR traffic flow in ATM LANs 

      Sekercioglu, Y. Ahmet; Pitsillides, Andreas (IEEE, 1995)
      High-speed LANs are beginning to migrate from shared media to switch based configurations (commonly based on ATM architectures). Because of the characteristics of ATM networks and nature of LAN traffic, there is a need for ...
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      Performance and stability bounds for dynamic networks 

      Koukopoulos, D.; Mavronicolas, Marios; Spirakis, Paul G. (2004)
      In this work, we study the impact of dynamically changing link capacities on the delay bounds of LIS (Longest-In-System) and SIS (Shortest-In-System) protocols on specific networks (that can be modelled as Directed Acyclic ...
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      Performance evaluation of mobile IPv6 handover extensions in an IEEE 802.11b wireless network environment 

      Lai, J.; Sekercioglu, Y. Ahmet; Jordan, N.; Pitsillides, Andreas (2006)
      In order to support mobile users, the basic Internet protocols have been extended with protocols (e.g., Mobile IPv6) for intercepting and forwarding packets to a mobile and possibly roaming node. Seamless roaming requires ...
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      Universal bufferless packet switching 

      Busch, Costas; Magdon-Ismail, M.; Mavronicolas, Marios (2007)
      A packet-switching algorithm specifies the actions of the nodes in order to deliver packets in the network. A packet-switching algorithm is universal if it applies to any network topology and for any batch communication ...