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      Biliary Atresia: Swiss National Study, 1994-2004 

      Wildhaber, B. E.; Majno, Pietro; Mayr, Johannes; Zachariou, Zacharias; Hohlfeld, Judith; Schwoebel, M.; Kistler, Walter; Meuli, Martin; Coultre, Claude Le; Mentha, Gilles; Belli, Dominique; Chardot, C. (2008)
      To determine the epidemiology of biliary atresia (BA) in Switzerland, the outcome of the children from diagnosis, and the prognostic factors. The records of all patients with BA born in Switzerland between January 1994 and ...
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      European Census on Pediatric Surgery 

      Parigi, G. B.; Czauderna, Piotr; Rolle, U.; Zachariou, Zacharias (2017)
      Background Detailed data on the distribution of pediatric surgical institutions in Europe are sparse. Therefore, the Section and Board of Pediatric Surgery of the Union of European Medical Specialists (UEMS) and the European ...
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      Lung cancer in pregnancy: Report of nine cases from an international collaborative study 

      Boussios, Stergios; Han, S. N.; Fruscio, R.; Halaska, M. J.; Ottevanger, P. B.; Peccatori, Fedro A.; Koubková, L.; Pavlidis, Nicholas; Amant, F. (2013)
      Objective: Lung cancer is an uncommon diagnosis during pregnancy. The combination of smoking in young women, increased maternal age during pregnancy, and increasing incidence of lung cancer worldwide may cause an increase ...
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      The relationship between coagulation and the extend of surgery and postoperative infection in surgical infants below 6 months of age 

      Kessler, Ulf; Guenther, Patrick; Zachariou, Zacharias (2006)
      Aim: First to assess coagulation changes after surgery in children below 6 months of age. Second to detect differences attributable to the extent of surgery and postoperative infection. Materials and methods: Blood counts, ...