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      Multicentre phase II pharmacological evaluation of rhizoxin 

      McLeod, H. L.; Murray, L. S.; Wanders, J.; Setanoians, A.; Graham, M. A.; Pavlidis, Nicholas; Heinrich, B.; Huinink, W. W. Ten Bokkel; Wagener, D. J. Th; Aamdal, S.; Verweij, J. (1996)
      Rhizoxin is a macrocyclic lactone compound that binds to tubulin and inhibits microtubule assembly. Rhizoxin demonstrated preclinical anti-tumour activity against a variety of human tumour cell lines and xenograft models. ...
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      Phase II clinical trials with rhizoxin in breast cancer and melanoma 

      Hanauske, A. R.; Catimel, G.; Aamdal, S.; Huinink, W. W. Ten Bokkel; Paridaens, R.; Pavlidis, Nicholas; Kaye, Stanley B.; Velde, A. Te; Wanders, J.; Verweij, J. (1996)
      Rhizoxin is a new anti-tumour agent isolated from the pathogenic fungus Rhizopus chinensis. It has shown broad activity against murine tumour models and is also active against vinca alkaloid-resistant cells. The purpose ...