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      Effects of Ge concentration, boron co-doping, and hydrogenation on fiber bragg grating characteristics 

      Konstantaki, M.; Tamiolakis, Q.; Argyris, A.; Othonos, Andreas S.; Ikiades, A. (2005)
      In this paper, we compare photosensitivity, refractive-index modulation depth, spectral bandwidth, and excess loss through the inscription of fiber Bragg gratings in unloaded and hydrogen-loaded fibers with low- or ...
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      Novel and Improved Methods of Writing Bragg Gratings with Phase Masks 

      Othonos, Andreas S.; Lee, X. (1995)
      The authors demonstrate the importance of spatial coherence of the writing beam for inscribing Bragg gratings with a phase mask. Bragg gratings were written using a normal excimer laser with the fiber placed at various ...
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      Superimposed grating wavelength division multiplexing in Ge-doped SiO2/Si planar waveguides 

      Othonos, Andreas S.; Bismuth, J.; Sweeny, M.; Kevorkian, A.; Xu, J. M. (1998)
      An improved model of wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) by superimposed gratings in planar waveguides has been developed. Based on this theory, principal design rules of N-channel WDM are established and a fanout ...
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      Superimposed multiple Bragg gratings 

      Othonos, Andreas S.; Lee, X.; Measures, R. M. (1994)
      The authors demonstrate the inscription of seven Bragg gratings at the same location on a photosensitive fibre. These superimposed Bragg gratings were written over a 60nm span in the region of 1530nm with reflectivities ...