• Article  

      On a conjecture of Clark and Ismail 

      Alzer, H.; Berg, C.; Koumandos, S. (2005)
      Let Φm (x) = -xmψ(m) (x), where ψ denotes the logarithmic derivative of Euler's gamma function. Clark and Ismail prove in a recently published article that if m ∈ {1,2,..., 16}, then Φm(m) is completely monotonic on (0, ...
    • Book Chapter  

      On completely monotonic and related functions 

      Koumandos, S. (Springer New York, 2014)
      We deal with several classes of functions, such as, completely monotonic functions, absolutely monotonic functions, logarithmically completely monotonic functions, Stieltjes functions, and Bernstein functions. We give ...