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      CacheFlow: Cache optimizations for data driven multithreading 

      Kyriacou, Costas; Evripidou, Paraskevas; Trancoso, Pedro (2006)
      Data-Driven Multithreading is a non-blocking multithreading model of execution that provides effective latency tolerance by allowing the computation processor do useful work, while a long latency event is in progress. With ...
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      Radio Map Prefetching for Indoor Navigation in Intermittently Connected Wi-Fi Networks 

      Konstantinidis, Andreas; Nikolaides, G.; Chatzimilioudis, Georgios; Evagorou, G.; Zeinalipour-Yazdi, Constantinos D.; Chrysanthis, Panos K. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2015)
      Wi-Fi (or WLAN) based indoor navigation applications for mobiles rely on cloud-based services (s) that take care of a user's (u) localization task using structures called Radio Maps (RMs). It is imperative for u to have a ...
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      Scalability and efficiency of database queries on future many-core systems 

      Petrides, P.; Diavastos, Andreas; Christofi, Constantinos; Trancoso, Pedro (2013)
      Decision Support System (DSS) workloads are known to be one of the most time-consuming database workloads that process large data sets. Traditionally, DSS queries have been accelerated using large-scale multiprocessors. ...