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      Modeling the impact of permanent faults in caches 

      Sánchez, D.; Sazeides, Yiannakis; Cebrián, J. M.; Garćia, J. M.; Aragón, J. L. (2013)
      The traditional performance cost benefits we have enjoyed for decades from technology scaling are challenged by several critical constraints including reliability. Increases in static and dynamic variations are leading to ...
    • Article  

      Probabilistic resource failure in real-time process algebra 

      Philippou, Anna; Cleaveland, R.; Lee, I.; Smolka, S.; Sokolsky, O. (1998)
      PACSR, a probabilistic extension of the real-time process algebra ACSR, is presented. The extension is built upon a novel treatment of the notion of a resource. In ACSR, resources are used to model contention in accessing ...
    • Conference Object  

      RVC-based time-predictable faulty caches for safety-critical systems 

      Abella, J.; Quiñones, E.; Cazorla, F. J.; Valero, M.; Sazeides, Yiannakis (2011)
      Technology and Vcc scaling lead to significant faulty bit rates in caches. Mechanisms based on disabling faulty parts show to be effective for average performance but are unacceptable in safety critical systems where ...