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      Essential features of a compiler target language for parallel machines 

      Papadopoulos, George Angelos (IEEE, 1995)
      Term Graph Rewriting Systems (TGRS) have been used extensively as an implementation vehicle for a number of, often divergent, programming paradigms ranging from the traditional functional programming ones to the (concurrent) ...
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      Mean-field semantics for a process calculus for spatially-explicit ecological models 

      Toro, Mauricio; Philippou, Anna; Arboleda, S.; Puerta, M.; Vélez S, C. M. (Open Publishing Association, 2016)
      We define a mean-field semantics for S-PALPS, a process calculus for spatially-explicit, individual-based modeling of ecological systems. The new semantics of S-PALPS allows an interpretation of the average behavior of a ...
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      On sharing and determinacy in concurrent systems 

      Philippou, Anna; Walker, D. (1995)
      The relationship between sharing and determinacy in concurrent systems is studied. Syntactic conditions on programs of a concurrent object language are isolated and it is established, on the basis of two different semantic ...
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      A process calculus for dynamic networks 

      Kouzapas, D.; Philippou, Anna (2011)
      In this paper we propose a process calculus framework for dynamic networks in which the network topology may change as computation proceeds. The proposed calculus allows one to abstract away from neighborhood-discovery ...
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      Process ordering in a process calculus for spatially-explicit ecological models 

      Philippou, Anna; Toro, Mauricio (2014)
      In this paper we extend PALPS, a process calculus proposed for the spatially-explicit individual-based modeling of ecological systems, with the notion of a policy. A policy is an entity for specifying orderings between the ...
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      Simulation and verification in a process calculus for spatially-explicit ecological models 

      Philippou, Anna; Toro, Mauricio; Antonaki, Margarita (2013)
      We propose PALPS, a Process Algebra with Locations for Population Systems. PALPS allows us to produce spatially-explicit individual-based ecological models and to reason about their behavior. PALPS has two abstraction ...
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      Verification techniques for distributed algorithms 

      Philippou, Anna; Michael, G. (2006)
      A value-passing, asynchronous process calculus and its associated theory of confluence are considered as a basis for establishing the correctness of distributed algorithms. In particular, we present an asynchronous version ...