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      The effect of information technology and human capital on economic growth 

      Ketteni, Elena; Mamuneas, Theofanis P.; Stengos, Thanasis (2011)
      In this paper we compare the impact of hardware, software, and communication equipment, widely referred to as information and communication technologies (ICT), on economic growth among the advanced industrialized countries. ...
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      Inflation and productivity shocks 

      Christofides, Louis N.; Mamuneas, Theofanis P. (2003)
      We examine whether sectoral productivity shock distributions are conditioned by inflation regimes. We conclude that this is not the case. Our results have implications for the literature on downward nominal wage rigidity ...
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      Productivity Gains from Training: The Views of Employers and Stakeholders 

      Eliophotou Menon, Maria (Journal of Education and Training Studies, 2013)
      The paper investigates the views of employers and stakeholders in Cyprus regarding the effect of training on productivity in their organisation. Qualitative research was used to collect information from 26 individuals who ...
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      Public R&D policies and cost behavior of the US manufacturing industries 

      Mamuneas, Theofanis P.; Nadiri, M. Ishaq (1996)
      This paper estimates and evaluates the contribution of R&D tax incentives and publicly financed R&D investment policies in promoting the growth of output and privately funded R&D investment in US manufacturing industries. ...
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      R&D depreciation, stocks, user costs and productivity growth for US R&D intensive industries 

      Bernstein, Jeffrey I.; Mamuneas, Theofanis P. (2006)
      This paper estimates R&D depreciation rates for U.S. R&D intensive industries. R&D annually depreciates at
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      Research spillovers among European and North-American economics departments 

      Kalaitzidakis, Pantelis; Mamuneas, Theofanis P.; Savvides, Andreas; Stengos, Thanasis (2004)
      In this paper, we investigate the determinants of research output by European economics departments. We use data from a survey we conducted on the various characteristics of these departments. We pay particular attention ...