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      High-resolution whole-mount in situ hybridization using quantum dot nanocrystals 

      Ioannou, Androulla; Eleftheriou, Iro; Lubatti, Andrea; Charalambous, Anna; Skourides, Paris A. (2012)
      The photostability and narrow emission spectra of nanometer-scale semiconductor crystallites (QDs) make them desirable candidates for whole-mount fluorescent in situ hybridization to detect mRNA transcripts in morphologically ...
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      Imaging morphogenesis, in Xenopus with Quantum Dot nanocrystals 

      Stylianou, Panayiota; Skourides, Paris A. (2009)
      Mesoderm migration is a well studied morphogenetic movement that takes place during Xenopus gastrulation. The study of mesoderm migration and other morphogenetic movements has been primarily based on in vitro assays due ...
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      Multistage nanoparticle delivery system for deep penetration into tumor tissue 

      Wong, C.; Stylianopoulos, T.; Cui, J.; Martin, J.; Chauhan, V. P.; Jiang, W.; Popovic, Z.; Jain, R. K.; Bawendi, M. G.; Fukumura, D. (2011)
      Current Food and Drug Administration-approved cancer nanotherapeutics, which passively accumulate around leaky regions of the tumor vasculature because of an enhanced permeation and retention (EPR) effect, have provided ...
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      Split-Inteins for Simultaneous, site-specific conjugation of Quantum Dots to multiple protein targets In vivo 

      Charalambous, Anna; Antoniades, Ioanna; Christodoulou, Neophytos; Skourides, Paris A. (2011)
      Background: Proteins labelled with Quantum Dots (QDs) can be imaged over long periods of time with ultrahigh spatial and temporal resolution, yielding important information on the spatiotemporal dynamics of proteins within ...