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      Active folders: A metaphor for developing and interacting with context-aware applications 

      Polyviou, S.; Samaras, George S.; Evripidou, Paraskevas (2006)
      Query by Browsing (QBB) is a relationally complete paradigm for creating Visual Query Language (VQL)s. It has been adapted successfully for use on handheld devices in the form of the Chiromancer interface, thus placing ...
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      Cache optimization for memory-resident decision support commercial workloads 

      Trancoso, Pedro; Torrellas, Josep (1999)
      Dramatic increases in the main-memory size of computers is allowing some applications to shift their main data storage area from disk to main memory and, as a result, increase their performance. This trend is at work in ...
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      A context query language for pervasive computing environments 

      Reichte, R.; Wagner, M.; Khan, M. U.; Geihs, K.; Valla, M.; Fra, C.; Paspallis, Nearchos; Papadopoulos, George Angelos (2008)
      This paper identifies requirements for querying and accessing context information in mobile and pervasive computing environments. Furthermore it studies existing query languages showing that they satisfy only a subset of ...
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      Context-dependent crowd evaluation 

      Lerner, A.; Chrysanthou, Yiorgos L.; Shamir, A.; Cohen-Or, D. (2010)
      Many times, even if a crowd simulation looks good in general, there could be some specific individual behaviors which do not seem correct. Spotting such problems manually can become tedious, but ignoring them may harm the ...
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      Crowdsourcing emergency data in non-operational cellular networks 

      Chatzimilioudis, Georgios; Costa, Constantinos; Zeinalipour-Yazdi, Constantinos D.; Lee, W. -C (2017)
      In overloaded or partially broken (i.e., non-operational) cellular networks, it is imperative to enable communication within the crowd to allow the management of emergency and crisis situations. To this end, a variety of ...
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      Data driven evaluation of crowds 

      Lerner, A.; Chrysanthou, Yiorgos L.; Shamir, A.; Cohen-Or, D. (2009)
      There are various techniques for simulating crowds, however, in most cases the quality of the simulation is measured by examining its "look-and- feel". Even if the aggregate movement of the crowd looks natural from afar, ...
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      DBGlobe: A service-oriented P2P system for global computing 

      Pitoura, Evaggelia 1967-; Abiteboul, S.; Pfoser, D.; Samaras, George S.; Vazirgiannis, M. (2003)
      The challenge of peer-to-peer computing goes beyond simple file sharing. In the DBGlobe project, we view the multitude of peers carrying data and services as a super-database. Our goal is to develop a data management system ...
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      Deterministic planning in the fifth international planning competition: PDDL3 and experimental evaluation of the planners 

      Gerevini, A. E.; Haslum, P.; Long, D.; Saetti, A.; Dimopoulos, Yannis (2009)
      The international planning competition (IPC) is an important driver for planning research. The general goals of the IPC include pushing the state of the art in planning technology by posing new scientific challenges, ...
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      Exploiting locality for scalable information retrieval in peer-to-peer networks 

      Zeinalipour-Yazdi, Constantinos D.; Kalogeraki, Vana; Gunopulos, Dimitrios (2005)
      An important problem in unstructured peer-to-peer (P2P) networks is the efficient content-based retrieval of documents shared by other peers. However, existing searching mechanisms are not scaling well because they are ...
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      Information retrieval techniques for peer-to-peer networks 

      Zeinalipour-Yazdi, Constantinos D.; Kalogeraki, Vana; Gunopulos, Dimitrios (2004)
      An important challenge in peer-to-peer (P2P) networks is to efficiently search the contents of other peers. The authors survey existing search techniques for information retrieval in P2P networks, including recent techniques ...
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      LMA-based motion retrieval for folk dance cultural heritage 

      Aristidou, Andreas; Stavrakis, E.; Chrysanthou, Yiorgos L. (2014)
      Motion capture (mocap) technology is an efficient method for digitizing art-performances, and it is becoming a popular method for the preservation and dissemination of dances. However, stylistic variations of human motion ...
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      MashQL: A query-by-diagram topping SPARQL towards semantic data mashups 

      Jarrar, M.; Dikaiakos, Marios D. (2008)
      This article is motivated by the importance of building web data mashups. Building on the remarkable success of Web 2.0 mashups, and specially Yahoo Pipes, we generalize the idea of mashups and regard the Internet as a ...
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      Memory performance of DSS commercial workloads in shared-memory multiprocessors 

      Trancoso, Pedro; Larriba-Pey, Josep-L; Zhang, Zheng; Torrellas, Josep (IEEE, 1997)
      Although cache-coherent shared-memory multiprocessors are often used to run commercial workloads, little work has been done to characterize how well these machines support such workloads. In particular, we do not have much ...
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      Mobile agents for World Wide Web distributed database access 

      Papastavrou, Stavros; Samaras, George S.; Pitoura, Evaggelia 1967- (2000)
      The popularity of the Web as a universal access mechanism for network information has created the need for developing web-based DBMS client/server applications. However, the current commercial applet-based approaches for ...
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      PALLAS: A querying interface for pervasive computing using handheld devices 

      Polyviou, S.; Evripidou, Paraskevas; Samaras, George S. (2004)
      In this paper we describe PALLAS (PALm Logic-based Algebraic Search), a prototype architecture, design and implementation for a search interface on a portable digital assistant. PALLAS is part of the UbAgent, a middleware ...
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      A probabilistic validation algorithm for web users' clusters 

      Pallis, George C.; Angelis, Lefteris; Vakali, Athena I.; Pokorný, Jaroslav (2004)
      Cluster analysis is one of the most important aspects in the data mining process for discovering groups and identifying interesting distributions or patterns over the considered data sets. In the context of Web data mining, ...
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      A relationally complete visual query language for heterogeneous dAta Sources and pervasive querying 

      Polyviou, S.; Samaras, George S.; Evripidou, Paraskevas (2005)
      In this paper we introduce and formally define Query by Browsing (QBB), a scalable, relationally complete visual query language based on the desktop user interface paradigm and tuple relational calculus that allows the ...
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      Survey on the Java-based approaches for web database connectivity 

      Papastavrou, Stavros; Chrysanthis, Panos K.; Samaras, George S.; Pitoura, Evaggelia 1967- (IEEE, 2000)
      The undeniable popularity of the web makes the efficient accessing of distributed databases from web clients an important topic. Various methods for web database integration have been proposed but recently there is an ...
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      Towards a grid information knowledge base 

      Xing, Wei; Dikaiakos, Marios D.; Sakellariou, R. (2007)
      In this paper, we present our work on building a Grid information knowledge base, which is a key component of a semantic Grid information system. A Core Grid Ontology (CGO) is developed for building a Grid knowledge base
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      Towards in-situ data storage in sensor databases 

      Zeinalipour-Yazdi, Constantinos D.; Kalogeraki, Vana; Gunopulos, Dimitrios; Mitra, Abhishek; Banerjee, A.; Najjar, W. (2005)
      The advances in wireless communications along with the exponential growth of transistors per integrated circuit lead to a rapid evolution of Wireless Sensor Devices (WSDs), that can be used for monitoring environmental ...